For Students

I Need To...: Do you need to know how to add/drop a course, discover your major options, change or declare your major, meet your advisor, or plan your future schedule?  If so, the Undergraduate Advising Center can assist you.

Academic Planner: Academic Planner allows you to put together your course schedule, plan out multiple semesters in advance, and share your plan with your academic advisor(s).

Academic Standing: Academic standing is based on a student’s overall grade point average (GPA), exclusive of transfer work.  This provides an explanation of UM's policy and possible outcomes/processes that a student may need to consider.

Cyberbear: The online interface through which students register for courses, review and pay their tuition, access specific financial aid information, and update contact information.

General Education Requirements: General Education Requirements (GERs) are the backbone of a liberal arts education.  This provides an explanation of each section.

Mansfield Library: Access UM's Mansfield Library catalog and academic journals, review and renew checked-out materials, request an interlibrary loan, and reserve study rooms.

Placement Tests: Students may be required to take a placement test before enrolling in certain math, writing, and chemistry courses.

Tutoring: There are numerous tutoring services on the mountain campus. Please refer to the tutoring resources webpage from The Office for Student Success for more information and specific hours/locations.

UM Course Catalogs: Catalogs house all official academic requirements (general education requirements, degree requirements) for graduation for any given academic year.

UMOnline & Moodle: UM offers online courses and traditional courses that have online supplements. Moodle is the online interface (also called a learning management system) though which students access their courses and its resources, assignments, etc.