Virtual Drop-in Hours

Due to the winter session /spring semester '21 priority advising cycle, the UAC is temporarily suspending virtual drop-in hours. Our virtual drop-in hour availability will resume again on Monday, November 23rd .

For students seeking drop-in assistance through the UAC, we are offering virtual drop-in hours through Zoom during the following times throughout the semester (unless otherwise noted):

  • Mondays, 10am - Noon (with Jimmy, Personal Meeting Room ID: 4062435363)
  • Tuesdays, 2pm - 4pm (with Jason, Personal Meeting Room ID: 4062432293)
  • Wednesdays, 10am - Noon (with Nathan, Personal Meeting Room ID: 4062432851)
  • Wednesdays, 1pm - 3pm (with Jessiah, Personal Meeting Room ID: 4062436092)
  • Thursdays, 10am - Noon (with Jess, Personal Meeting Room ID: 4062432811)
  • Fridays, 10am - Noon (with Violet, Personal Meeting Room ID: 4062436087)

To join a drop-in appointment, visit, click on Join a Meeting, enter the Meeting Room ID for the respective advisor, then click Join.  If you enter a waiting room and an advisor is already meeting with a student, please be patient and remain in the waiting room until the advisor is available to help you.  If you experience difficulties accessing an advisor help in our virtual drop-ins, please call (406) 243-2835 for assistance.