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 May 6, 2013 | Vol. 42, No. 15 |
Welcome to ForUM, the e-newsletter for University of Montana staff, faculty and administrators. ForUM is published weekly during the academic year except during scheduled academic breaks.


University Unveils New Logo, Brand Initiative

UM unveiled its new logo and brand identity to employees April 30 in the University Center Theater during an internal event hosted by UM's Office of Integrated Communications.


"This always has been a great University," said Mario Schulzke, UM's assistant vice president for marketing. "We just really needed a fresh storytelling platform to be able to communicate to the public all of the amazing things that are happening here on a daily basis."


Nearly a year and a half ago, UM hired outside consulting firm Mind Over Media to conduct qualitative and quantitative research and deliver brand recommendations. The final brand work was finished in-house and under budget this year. 

Messina to Speak at UM Commencement May 18

Jim Messina, the architect of President Barack Obama's successful campaign for re-election, will be the featured speaker during UM's 116th Commencement ceremonies on Saturday, May 18.


Messina graduated from UM in 1993, where he studied political science and journalism. He served as Obama's national chief of staff for the 2008 presidential campaign and led the president's 2012 campaign.


The influential Griz has been hailed as the "most powerful man in Washington you've never heard of" and the mastermind behind a new presidential campaign style that features social media, hard data and armies of grassroots volunteers.


UM Student Wins International Business Challenge

More than 1,600 students from all over the world recently competed in the semiannual Capsim Challenge to see who has the corporate intellect to be a winning CEO. UM School of Business Administration graduate student Curtis Wallette rose to the top of the competition, taking first place in the challenge.


Students from more than 20 countries competed in the online challenge, in which participants manage a simulation of a multimillion-dollar company. Wallette, a Master of Business Administration candidate who lives in Billings, spent six to eight hours a day analyzing his business, strategizing his investments and "running" the company during the two-week semifinal competition in April.


Competitors managed a hypothetical company that developed sensors. They each started with $5 million in cumulative profits and $100 million in annual sales. But after starting in the same place, teams ended up in drastically different situations. 


MC Culinary Students Prepare for Capstone Dinner

Students in the Culinary Arts Program at Missoula College will host the annual Capstone Dinner at 6 p.m. Thursday, May 16, at the Missoula Winery and Event Center, located at 5646 W. Harrier. The event is open to the public, and tickets cost $75 per person. 


Students crafted the menu for this year's dinner, titled "America's Bountiful Barbecue," which will explore the evolution of barbecue across the U.S. The event will honor Chef Thomas Siegel by featuring his menu, recipes and stories.


Astronomer Nate McCrady Wins Teaching Award

Nate McCrady, known by many as the UM assistant professor of astronomy who shares his love of the stars with visitors during the Blue Mountain Observatory public viewing nights, recently won the first UM College of Arts and Sciences Award for Teaching Across the Curriculum.


McCrady, who joined the UM faculty in 2009, teaches large general-enrollment courses, as well as upper-division astronomy and physics courses. His talent as an educator and seemingly unbound enthusiasm and energy have garnered him high praise from colleagues and students alike, who describe him as dedicated, challenging and involved.


UM Offers Field Courses in Montana, Alaska, Canada

Students have a unique opportunity to earn academic credit through UM this summer with the Wild Rockies Field Institute. WRFI will offer four courses taught entirely in the field worth three to 15 UM credits. 


Courses are Wild Rockies Summer Semester, Cycle the Rockies: Energy and Climate Change in Montana, Alaskan Rainforest: Ecology and Policy of the Tongass, and Environmental Ethics: Global Climate Change and Visions of a Sustainable Future.


UM Hosts Free Sexual Assault Awareness Seminars

UM students can learn more about sexual assault, response services available on campus and in Missoula, and take self-defense lessons during free Sexual Assault Awareness Seminars held the last week of classes.


The seminars will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday, May 6-10, in the University Center Theater. The information will be the same each evening, so it is only necessary to attend one session.


Professor Emeritus Wins Great Plains Book Prize

"Blackfoot Redemption: A Blood Indian's Story of Murder, Confinement and Imperfect Justice" by William E. Farr is this year's winner of the Great Plains Distinguished Book Prize from the Center for Great Plains Studies at the University of Nebraska. Farr is a Senior Fellow and founding director of the O'Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West and professor emeritus of history.


Richard Edwards, director of the Center for Great Plains Studies, made the announcement April 26 at the center's annual fellows meeting. In "Blackfoot Redemption," Farr reconstructs the events of a Canadian Blackfoot called Spopee who shot and killed a white man in 1879. Through the narrative, he reveals a larger story about race and prejudice as the transition to reservations began. 


Students Win Awards at Bozeman Research Event

Two UM students won awards at the 2013 Montana Space Grant Consortium (MSGC) Student Research Symposium April 19 in Bozeman.


Ed Kleinsasser, a UM junior in physics, tied with a Montana State student for the Best Undergraduate Talk from a Research Institution Award for his project "Ripple Mark Mapping -- Camas Prairie Project." Chris Sundberg, a UM graduate student in Organismal Biology and Ecology, won the Best Graduate Student Talk for his research on the influence of altered duty cycle on the time course of muscle fatigue and the onset of neuromuscular compensations during all-out dynamic exercise.


Faculty/Staff/Retiree Socials

Socials will be held from 4:30 to 6 p.m. some Fridays during spring semester in the Davidson Honors College Lounge. Spring semester dates and event sponsors are:

  • May 10: Dining Services

Ongoing workshops and lecture series:

  • Monday, May 6: Mansfield Center Brown Bag Series: "Dancing with the DPRK (North Korea): Who Pays the Piper?" retired U.S. Air Force Korea Specialist Robert McCoy, noon, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center.

Upcoming Arts, Entertainment and Events

  • May 6: Provost Open Candidate Forum: Perry Brown. Read more
  • May 6: UM Choir Concert. Read more
  • May 7-11: Play: "Comedy of Errors." Read more
  • May 7: Concert: Student Recital Series. Read more
  • May 8: Provost Candidate Open Forum: Dan O'Hair. Read more
  • May 8: School of Music Honors  Convocation. Read more
  • May 8-11: Dance in Concert. Read more
  • May 9: Faculty Senate Meeting. Read more
  • May 9: Presentation and Signing: Janet Finn. Read more
  • May 10: 11th Annual Spring Thaw. Read more
  • May 10: Concert: Student Recital Series. Read more
  • May 11: Concert: Student Recital Series. Read more
  • May 12: Concert: Student Recital Series. Read more
News about U
News About U

Department of Anthropology Professor Gregory Campbell delivered a presentation titled "Reclaiming the Land: Historical Memories, Cultural Landscapes and Cultural Identity" at the invited symposium "Current Research and Future Directions in Numic Archaeology, Ethnohistory and Ethnography in the Rocky Mountains, Great Basin and Southwest." The symposium was held during the 78th Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting April 3-7 in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Department of History Professor RichardDrake presented a paper titled "Charles Beard and Robert La Follette: Two Faces of Progressivism" before the Charles Beard, Economic Interpretation and History conference at the Rothermere American Institute April 22 at Oxford University. He also delivered a lecture titled "Charles Beard and the English Historians" at April 24 at Ruskin College at Oxford.


A research team in the UM Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy prepared a report assessing federal agricultural conservation and environmental programs. Lead authors of the report, "Agricultural Conservation and Environmental Programs: The Challenge of Measuring Performance," include CNREP Senior Fellow Sarah Bates and former deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior Lynn Scarlett. Contributors include CNREP Director Matthew McKinney and recent UM School of Law graduates Nathan Stone and David Whisenand. The report summarizes the challenges of measuring environmental outcomes and reviews differing types of performance measures and their utility in measuring the effectiveness of practices, programs and policies.


Professor Emeritus of sociology Rod Brod co-wrote a research paper titled "Assessing Culturally Congruent Instruction: A Development Model and Instrument," which was presented at the Diverse Strategies for Assessing Cultural Relevance, Responsiveness and Congruence session of the inaugural conference "Repositioning Culture in Evaluation and Assessment." The Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment hosted the conference April 22 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Education.


Joe Eaton, currently with the Center for Public Integrity in Washington, D.C., will join the UM School of Journalism faculty as an assistant professor in autumn. Eaton has been an investigative health care reporter at the award-winning online nonprofit news organization since 2008. He will fill the faculty position held by Professor Clem Work, who retires this year after 23 years of teaching at UM.


The Department of Communication Studies had four faculty and 15 students participate in the 37th annual conference of the Northwest Communication Association April 25-27 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. The student research team of Chris Anderson, Tim Curran and Nicole Allen won the top graduate student paper award for "Avenging Communicative Aggression: How Revenge Messages Associate with Conflict Styles, Perceptions of a Just World, Attachment Styles and Forgiveness." They were mentored by Associate Professor Steve Yoshimura. Professor Betsy Bach presented on three panels: "The Communication Scholar as Administrator," "Grant Seeking Basics" and "Program Review and Assessment." Adjunct Associate Professor Phyllis Ngai presented a paper titled "Organizing the Chaotic Inner-City Classroom Through Communication." Associate Professor Steve Schwarze chaired the Environmental Communication Division. Other student presenters were graduate students Mollie Murphy, Elise Fanney, Jamie Taylor, Elizabeth Eickhoff, Anne Sherwood and Megan Gesler. Undergraduate presenters were Rachel Cox, Nancy Grenager, Mari Holmes, Nikki Meredith, Alison McGovern and Summer Bruso.


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See, W., Edwards, W.H.; Dauwalter, S.; Almendra, C.; Kardos, M.D.; Lowell, J.L.; Wallen, R.; Cain, S.L.; Holben, W.E.; Luikart, G. 2012. "Yersinia enterocolitica: An Unlikely Cause of Positive Brucellosis Tests in Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Bison (Bison bison)." Journal of Wildlife Disease. Volume 48, Issue 3: pp. 537-541.


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