Chemistry/Biochemistry Experts

Douglas Coffin

Department of Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Area of Expertise:

Molecular Genetics, Human Development and Embyology, Stem Cells; Cardiovascular Disease and Pharmacology, Public Health and Education Policy

Michael DeGrandpre

Department of Chemsitry and Biochemistry 

Area of Expertise:

Analytical/Environmental Chemistry; Aquatic Biogeochemistry; Autonomous Chemical Sensors for Aquatic Chemistry; Ocean Carbon Cycle

J. Stephen Lodmell

Division of Biological Sciences

Area of Expertise:

Molecular Virology; RNA Biochemistry

Jack Nunberg

Montana Biotechnology Center

Area of Expertise:

Viruses and Antiviral Vaccines and Therapeutics

Edward Rosenberg


Area of Expertise:

Mining and Mine Waste Remediation; Petroleum Processing and Industrial Chemistry

Valeriy Smirnov

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Area of Expertise:

Oxygen Activation; Enzyme Kinetics; Enzyme Mechanism; Electron Transfer; Isotope Effects on Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions; Physical Organic Chemistry; Chemical Synthesis

Stephen Sprang

Division of Biological Sciences

Area of Expertise:

Protein Structure and Function; Proteins Involved in Communication Between Cells, Especially "G Proteins"; Biophysical Methods to Determine the Structure and Dynamic Behavior of Large Biological Molecules, Especially X-Ray Crystallography

Andrea Stierle

Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Area of Expertise:

Microbial Secondary Metabolites with Potential to Act as Pharmaceutical Agents; Compounds Regulating Inflammation-Associated and Apoptotic Pathways associated with Cancer and Ischemic Stroke

Andre Umansky


Area of Expertise:

Environmental Analysis and Data Consultation Services Regarding Biogeochemistry