Computer Science/Technology Experts

Don Earl

PJW College of Education & Human Sciences

Area of Expertise:

Instructional Audio/Video Technology (including high-end video conferencing); Digital Video; Multimedia

David Firth

Management Information Systems (College of Business)

Area of Expertise:

Information Systems and Technology (with a focus on consulting around technology-related issues); Startups and Entrepeneurial Ideas and Activities; Application of Technology to Solve Problems (business-related, socially related or political)

Jesse Johnson

Computer Science

Area of Expertise:

Dynamic Response of Large Ice Masses to Climate Forcing; Use of Mathematical Tools to Move from the Continuous to the Discrete; Optimization; In-Situ, Remote Sensed and Model Generated Data Sets

Clayton Looney

Management Information Systems (School of Business Administration) 

Area of Expertise:

Leveraging Expertise in Human-Computer Interaction; Cognitive Psychology; Behavioral Economics; Overcoming Decision-Making Biases via Technology Design

Jakki Mohr

Management & Marketing (College of Business)

Area of Expertise:

Biomimicry; Business of Restoration/Ecology; Environmetally-Friendly Business Practices; High-End Industry Clusters in Developing Economies/Countries; Innovation and Commercialization of Scientifc Inventions; Marketing Analytics; Sustainability and Business; Technology Incubators; Technology Marketing; Women in Technology