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University of Montana Style Guide


Gallagher Business Building Acceptable on first reference. The full name is William and Rosemary Gallagher Building for the School of Business Administration.

Gallery of Visual Arts Located on the first floor of the Social Science Building.

Geographic Information System Use GIS on second reference.

girl Term applies until 18th birthday. Then use "young woman" or "woman." See youth entry.

Global Positioning System GPS acceptable in all references.

GPA acceptable in all references for grade-point average. He earned a 3.75 GPA.

good, well A person feels "good," not "well." "Feeling well" means having a good sense of touch. See bad, badly entry.

graduate, graduated from, was graduated from Use "graduate" instead of the colloquial "grad." Avoid the archaic expression "was graduated from." Right: He is a UM graduate. He graduated from UM in 1953. 

gray Not "grey."

Griz, Grizzlies Acceptable on second reference or for informal usage when referring to men's football, basketball, track and field and cross country teams at UM. Officially, the teams are The University of Montana Grizzlies or, for example, The University of Montana Grizzly Football Team. See Lady GrizMontanaMontana GrizzliesMontana Soccer and Montana Volleyball entries.

Griz-Cat game Do not use Cat-Griz game.

Grizzly Bear Capitalize for the statue at the west end of the Oval. The Grizzly Bear statue was created by renowned ceramist and longtime UM professor Rudy Autio.