University of Montana Style Guide

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half- Hyphenate if not listed in Webster's.

half time, half-time Write as two words for the noun or adverb: The band played during half time. She worked only half time. Hyphenate as an adjective: half-time entertainment, half-time position.

Hall of Champions Located in the Adams Center.

handicapped See disabled, handicapped entry.

hanged, hung "Hanged" is the past tense of "hang" when its context is the gallows. Examples: They hanged him for the murder. I hung the velvet painting of Elvis on my bedroom wall.

Harold C. Urey Lecture Hall "Urey Lecture Hall" is acceptable in all cases. Don't use "Underground Lecture Hall" or "Urey Underground Lecture Hall." See North Underground Lecture Hall.

he, she, his, her Use "he" as a generic expression to mean "he" or "she" and "his" to mean "his" or "her" only when there's no good alternative. Avoid the unwieldy "his or her" or, worse, "his/her." Using plurals sometimes solves the problem: Everyone should mind his own business might be changed to People should mind their own business. See Appendix B.

head coach Always lowercase.

Helena College University of Montana (first reference), Helena College UM (second reference), HC (third and later references).

Henry Meloy Gallery Meloy Gallery is acceptable on first reference for the main gallery of the Montana Museum of Art & Culture, located in the Performing Arts and Radio/Television Center.

Highlands College of Montana Tech located in Butte. The tech school of Montana Tech.

Hi-Line The northern tier of Montana east of the Continental Divide and north of the Missouri River on both sides of the old Great Northern Railroad and U.S. Highway 2: Winter weather on the Hi-Line can be harsh.

historic, historical "A historic event," not "an historic event." A "historic" event is an important occurrence. Any past occurrence is a "historical" event.

Homecoming Capitalize this annual UM event in all cases. Lowercase in other uses.

home page

honors Lowercase: She is an honors student. He is in the honors program.

hourlong But daylong, weeklong, yearlong.

Hoyt Athletic Complex Located in the Adams Center.

Humanities Montana The state’s independent nonprofit affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Offices located in Brantly Hall.

hyphen See Appendix A.