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University of Montana Style Guide


native, Native Lowercase "native" when describing a person or people born in a certain place: native Montanan, California native. Uppercase "Native" when referring to American Indians: Alaska Native, Native American, Native people.

Native American See American Indian entry.

news conference The term is preferable to "press conference" because it shows no bias toward print journalists.

newsletter names Capitalize, but don't use quotes or italize: ForUM, UM Weekly. Capitalize "newsletter" only if it's part of the official name of a publication.

newspaper names Capitalize, but don't put in quotes or italize. Uppercase "the" only if it's part of the paper's formal name: The Washington Post, The New York Times. Lowercase "the" if you list several papers, some of which use this word in their title and some of which don't.

news release The term is preferable to "press release" because it shows no bias toward print media.

non- In general, no hyphen except before proper names and to avoid awkward combinations: nontraditional, non-Hispanic, non-nuclear.

North Underground Lecture Hall Not "North Urey Lecture Hall." See Harold C. Urey Lecture Hall.

not only, but also Join parallel structures with this correlative conjunction. Right: He not only criticized my errors but also corrected them. Wrong: He criticized not only my errors but also corrected them.

number See amount, number entry.

numbers Spell out numbers under 10; use figures for 10 or higher. See comma section of Appendix A. Spell out numbers at the beginning of a sentence except calendar years: Three hundred people watched me get bucked off. 1929 was a bad year for the stock market. See addressesdimensionsmoney and percent entries.