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University of Montana Style Guide


odd- Follow with a hyphen: odd-looking, odd-numbered.

off- Hyphenate if not listed in Webster's. Examples: off-color, off-season, off-white, offhand, offstage.

-off Hyphenate if not listed in Webster's. Examples: send-off, cutoff, playoff, takeoff.

Office of Public Safety Do not use. Renamed the UM Police Department effective fall 2014.

offices See departments, offices, programs, schools entry.

off of The "of" is unnecessary: She fell off the horse.

OK Not "O.K." or "okay."

Old Journalism Building The building near Urey is now known as Stone Hall in all cases.

one another See each other, one another entry.

online One word in all cases for the computer connection term.

Open Space A performance area in the Performing Arts and Radio/Television Center.

out- Hyphenate if not listed in Webster's: outpatient, output, outdated.

-out Hyphenate nouns and adjectives not listed in Webster's: hide-out, walkout, fallout.

out of state See in state, out of state entry.

Oval Capitalize this area of campus: Relay for Life is held on the Oval each spring. Lowercase in other uses.

over- Follow Webster's. Rarely takes a hyphen: overrated, overexert, overriding.

-over When used as a noun, hyphenate if not listed in Webster's: carry-over, holdover, takeover. When used as a verb, write as two words: Protesters threatened to take over City Hall.