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Appendix C

Appendix C:Building Names at UM
and Missoula College UM (formerly the COT)

NOTE: The first names and middle initials of people may be left off building names on first reference.

Aber Hall

Adams Center

Administration Building (Missoula College)

Art Annex/Grizzly Pool

BioResearch Building

Brantly Hall

Charles H. Clapp Building (formerly Science Complex)

Chemistry Building

Clinical Psychology Center

Corbin Hall

Craig Hall

Curry Health Center, use Health Center on second reference

Davidson Honors College

Don Anderson Hall

Duniway Hall

Elrod Hall

Emma B. Lommasson Center

Fine Arts Building

Fitness and Recreation Center

Forestry Building

Forestry Sciences Laboratory

George and Jane Dennison Theatre

Harold C. Urey Lecture Hall

Health and Business Building (Missoula College)

Health Sciences Building

Heating Plant

Interdisciplinary Science Building

International Center

International House

James E. Todd Building

Jeannette Rankin Hall

Jesse Hall

John C. Hoyt Athletic Complex

Knowles Hall

Law Building

Leland M. Yates Chemistry Stores Building

Liberal Arts Building

Mathematics Building

Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library

McGill Hall 

Miller Hall

Music Building

Natural Sciences Building

North Corbin Hall

North Underground Lecture Hall

Old Journalism Building (do not use. Now called Stone Hall)

Pantzer Hall

Performing Arts and Radio/Television Center

Phyllis J. Washington Education Center

Physical Plant

Prescott House

Schreiber Gymnasium

Skaggs Building

Social Science Building

Stone Hall (formerly Old Journalism)

The Payne Family Native American Center

Turner Hall

University Center

University Hall (Main Hall)

Washington-Grizzly Stadium

William and Rosemary Gallagher Building for the School of Business Administration (Gallagher Business Building)