The curriculum of the UM Staff Ambassador’s Program consists of two types of sessions that are intermingled throughout the program year.

The first session type introduces the class to areas of the University they may not get to see or learn about during their daily work routine. University tours will shed light on the various divisions of our campus.

The second session type provides specific skills enhancement training to class members. Professional trainers will provide an interactive and enjoyable learning experience. Learned skills may be applied to any job type and, perhaps, even in your personal life.

Please Note: The 2017-2018 curriculum will be announced soon.  

2016-2017 Curriculum    

Sept. 22nd:  Season Opener

Oct. 20th:    Experience the Physical Campus

Nov. 17th:   Problem Solving

Dec. 8th:     Research & Creative Scholarship

Jan. 24th:    Administration & Finance

Feb. 14th:   Student Affairs

Mar. 30th:   Athletics

April 4th:     Learning about Academic Affairs

May 4th:      Learning about the President's Sector

June 7th:     Sustainability/Dining Services

Know your Place. Know your People. Know your Past.