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Chapter 35 - Dependants Education Assistance


Eligibility: Section 301 of Public Law 109-461 adds a new category to the definition of "eligible person" for DEA benefits.  The new category includes the spouse or child of a person who:

  • VA determines has a service-connected permanent and total disability; and

  • at the time of VA's determination is a member of the Armed Forces who is hospitalized or receiving outpatient medical care, services, or treatment; andSalute

  • is likely to be discharged or released from service for this service-connected disability.

Persons eligible under this new provision may be eligible for DEA benefits effective December 23, 2006, the effective date of the law. For further questions on eligibility you can talk to the VA Coordinator or see here.

Pay: Payment for this benefit is via paper check delivered to the address on the application submitted to the VA, in order to change this address please contact the certifying official Justin W. Raap. The checks are traditionally delivered on the first day of each month proceeding the month of education. The rate of pay for a full time student, 12 or more credits, who attends a full month, is $917.00. This rate of pay drops proportionally to the number of credits the student is taking at 12, 9 and 6 credits. After that point the VA will pay only a proportionate amount of the tuition and fees. Also see here.

Application: In order to apply for this benefit it is best to fill out the online application on VONAPP. There are a few important things to know about this application. You will need to have the veterans social security number or VA file number in order to complete this application. Upon completion of this application you will need to click submit and certify. Once the submission is complete print off a paper form and ensure that a copy of that gets to your VA Coordinator.