ESA Assessment Council

The Enrollment and Student Affairs (ESA) Assessment Council was established in 2000 by then Vice President for Student Affairs, Barbara Holman, in response to a call for accountability within higher education through formalized and transparent assessment efforts.

Since his arrival at UM in 2016, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Affairs, Tom Crady, Ph.d., has maintained the original structure of the Council but evolved the types of assessment to include learning outcomes.

The VPESA initiated a 7-year process of program reviews for the purpose of ensuring that units are maintaining standards of service delivery in keeping with national benchmarks. Internal and external reviews assist in measuring the effectiveness in attaining the department's goals.

This program review process is an integral part of the planning-assessment continuum. Conversations about program reviews are included in the work of the Council.

CampusLabs LogoIn 2012 the Division of Student Affairs contracted with CampusLabs (formerly Student Voice) to use the Baseline module to improve the assessment efforts of the Division.


The ESA Assessment Council is comprised of a representative from each department of Enrollment and Student Affairs, a representative from the Office of Planning, Budget, and Analysis, and a faculty member. The 2016-2017 Council members include:
  • Executive Oversight:Tom Crady, Vice President for Enrollment & Student Affairs
  • Liz Roosa Millar, Chair, University Center
  • Steve Thompson, Campus Recreation
  • Michelle Jensen, Student Affairs Budget
  • Royelle Bundy, American Indian Student Services
  • Laurie Fisher, Career Services
  • Mani Stubbs, Career Services
  • Julee Stearns, Curry Health Center
  • Mika Watanabe, Disability Services for Students
  • Isabelle Jeffries, Residence Life
  • Melissa Neidigh, Residence Life
  • Kelly Magnuson, Residence Life
  • Andrew Blyzka, Student Affairs Information Technology
  • Dan Bowling, Student Affairs Information Technology
  • Adrianne Donald, University Center
  • Evan Fossen, University Center
  • Byron Drake, UM Dining
  • Shawn Grove, Veterans Education and Transition Services
  • Nathan Lindsay, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership
  • Vacant, Office of DATA 


The ESA Assessment Council:

   1.  Assists units in assessment of their programs and services to evaluate how well the Division of Enrollment and Student Affairs is fulfilling its mission by: 

a. discussing and reviewing assessment projects and procedures of individual units;

b. facilitating collaboration on projects; and

c. serving as a forum for members to improve assessment skills and sharing ideas.

   2.  Meets monthly to help units stay on task with assessment, keep the VPESA informed of assessment projects, and to further development assessment skills.

Types of assessment include:

  1. collection and analysis of retention data, statistics, and demographic information;
  2. student satisfaction surveys;
  3. program evaluations and assessments of learning outcomes; and
  4. departmental program reviews (internal and external).

Assessment Plans and Reports:

Each Enrollment and Student Affairs unit is encouraged to utilize individualized assessment plans to guide the annual assessment process. The ESA Assessment Council compiles a division-wide assessment plan at the beginning of each assessment cycle. The Division requires annual assessment reports from all Enrollment and Student Affairs units, which are compiled by the VPESA office and published individually to this website. These reports serve as a resource within the Division and provide evidence of assessment for review by the Accreditation Committee and other interested constituents.