U Matter Forum


Monday February 13 |  5pm - 7pm | UC Ballroom 

Wednesday February 22 | 4pm | UC Theater 

The “U Matter” forum was designed and intended to engage small-group conversation on sexual assault, misconceptions and safety, as well as encourage student involvement in combatting issues discovered through a University investigation on alleged sexual assaults on and off campus. A report on the investigation is online at http://www.umt.edu/president/.

UMatter, Feb. 13, 2012 - 5pm UC Ballroom, Feb. 22- 4pm UC Theater; Confronting Sexual Assault, U Have Rights, U Have a Voice, Raise Your Voice at a Campus Wide Conversation with Students Regarding Sexual Assault, Misconceptions, and Safety; www.umt.edu/vpsa, NCBI, ASUM, Student Affairs, The University of Montana; For More Information or To Request an Accessibility Accommodation Please Call 243-5225 Students that attended the forum broke into facilitated discussion groups to talk about the causes of sexual violence, its consequences on individuals, prevention and more. The National Coalition Building Institute of Missoula facilitated the discussions.

“My hope is that students feel heard and listened to,” said Jenifer Gursky, president of the Associated Students of UM. “The small-group, conversational design for this forum is intended to make students’ input feel welcomed.” 

One of a series of UM-sponsored public forums dedicated to eliminating sexual assault, the “U Matter” forum was a response from the University administration to garner student input. 

In addition to NCBI and ASUM, collaborating partners included UM’s Student Assault Resource Center, the Curry Health Center’s Health Enhancement office, the University Center and the Student Affairs office.

Sexual Assault Will Not Be Tolerated at UM 

If you have information or want to report an assault, contact:

Lucy France
(406) 243-5710

Rhondie Voorhees
(406) 243-6413

For support services or to speak with an advocate call the Student Advocacy Resource Center (SARC) at (406) 243-6559 or visit their website: www.umt.edu/curry/SARC.