Hazing and Harassment Hotline

The University of Montana will not tolerate hazing or harassment. Such incidents are serious violations of the Student Code of Conduct. You may report incidents of hazing or sexual harassment, malicious verbal intimidation, racial or sexual orientation harassment, or other forms of malicious intimidation by calling (406) 243-6555.

At the tone please leave a detailed message describing the incident, and it will be forwarded to the appropriate authority. If you want the University to follow up on the incident please leave your name and telephone number. You may leave an anonymous message if you choose, but our ability to investigate the incident and take appropriate action is severely limited without identifying evidence and/or witnesses. We hope you will help us stop hazing and harassing behavior at The University of Montana.

You may also contact Rhondie Voorhees, Dean of Students, at (406) 243-6413, or rhondie.voorhees@umontana.edu.