Men Can Stop Rape Workshops, Training at UM

For more information please contact Eilis O’Herlihy, coordinator, UM Student Advocacy Resource Center at 406-243-5244 or

Show Your Strength © copyright 2010 Men Can Stop Rape ® All rights reservedMen Can Stop Rape, a national organization aimed at preventing men’s violence against women, was on campus on Thursday and Friday, March 1 and 2, 2012 to facilitate workshops and training sessions.

The Division of Student Affairs brought the group to campus in an effort to combat issues discovered through a University investigation on alleged sexual assaults on and off campus.

The schedule of Men Can Stop Rape workshops and trainings was as follows:

Thursday, March 1, University Center Theater:

  • 11 a.m.-3 p.m.: Engaging Men in Violence Prevention. Open to all interested students, faculty and staff, this training session will focus on the key elements of engaging college men in preventing sexual assault. Topics will include engaging men through masculinity, recognizing broader forms of violence against women and discussing men’s roles in primary prevention.
  • 5-8 p.m.: Where Do You Stand? Bystander Intervention Training. Open to anyone who attends the morning session, this workshop will prepare those who will conduct bystander intervention trainings on campus.

Friday, March 2, Turner Hall Dell Brown Room:

  • 8-9:30 a.m.: New Student Orientation. Facilitators will work with UM staff who participate in new student orientations (including those from Enrollment Services Orientation, Residence Life, and UM Advocates) or otherwise interact with freshmen on how to effectively engage men in primary prevention through existing and developing programs.
  • 10 a.m.-2 p.m.: Men of Strength Club Training. Facilitators will train advisory board members and other campus officials on engaging men on campus through establishing a Men of Strength Club. Topics will include concepts and principles for engaging men, additional strategies, and logistics and details of effectively running a sustainable club and setting up a framework for ongoing support from Men Can Stop Rape.
  • 2:30-5:30 p.m.: Integrating Primary Prevention and Engaging Men Into Academic Courses. This discussion will work with interested faculty and others on ways to integrate violence prevention principles into existing courses and developing new courses. Topics also will include marketing and promoting courses to increase male involvement and examples of Men Can Stop Rape’s experience teaching similar courses.

Facilitators strongly encouraged anyone planning to attend the March 2 sessions to also participate in the March 1 sessions.

Founded in 1997, Men Can Stop Rape pioneered a different way of addressing the epidemic of violence against women. Though most violent acts against women are committed by men, the vast majority of prevention efforts are risk-reduction and self-defense tactics directed at women. Men Can Stop Rape aims to shift the responsibility of deterring harm away from women by promoting healthy, nonviolent masculinity.