BIT: Behavioral Intervention Team

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) (formerly the Crisis Intervention and Referral Team, or CIRT) is a campus wide team of appointed professionals responsible for identifying, assessing, and responding to serious concerns and/or disruptive behaviors by students who may threaten the health or safety of the campus community.


Tom Crady, Ph.D., Vice President for Enrollment and  Student Affairs


Sandra Schoonover, Director, Residence Life 

Christine Fiore, Professor, Psychology Department


Christine Fiore, Professor, Psychology


Amy Capolupo, Director, Disability Services for Students

Rick Curtis, Director, Curry Health Center

Lucy France, Ex-Officio

Mike Frost, Director, Counseling Services

Darlene Samson, Director, TRIO Services

Marty Ludemann, Director, University of Montana Police (UMPD)

Kelly Magnuson, Assistant Director, Residence Life

Sandra Schoonover, Director, Residence Life

Tammy Freimund, Director Advising, Missoula College

Rhondie Voorhees, Dean of Students