Version History

When an older version of a page needs to be restored, select the page and click on the More tab (indicated by three horizontal dots), then select Versions.

Cascade displays the version number (indicated by a v followed by a number), previous pages, the System Name of the asset, the date the asset was modified, and the user who made modifications. Select a previous version to view it.

Cascade also displays any Comments that were left during the submission process. When you submit a draft, you are given the option to leave a comment about what changes you made. This helps when you are looking at your versions to narrow down which version is the one you want.

For each of the previous states, the following options exist in the More tab: Restore this version, Delete this version, Compare with current, View current version, and View new version. When comparing versions, Cascade will highlight any changes between the version being viewed and the active version.