Naming Files

There are three primary names associated with each asset within Cascade, each with a unique and important function.

Page Name

Previously known as the System Name, the Page Name is required for each asset to uniquely identify it within the list of assets in Cascade and when it’s published to a web server. The Page Name will be used in the URL for the specific page or folder when viewed in a web browser, as so, the recommended naming convention is spelled in lowercase letters, replaces spaces with dashes or underscores, and does not include special characters. A new page or folder without a designated Page Name will inherit a Page Name of “basepage” or “new-folder.” Every folder created in Cascade requires a page with a Page Name of “default” in order for the navigation to function.

Display Name

Every page and folder requires a Display Name in order to display in navigation structures across the site, including the Top Navigation and Left Navigation areas. Display Names also appear in the site breadcrumb trail and the site’s A to Z index. Display Names may contain a combination of spaces, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.


The Title is used by web browsers and search engines to identify which specific page is being displayed. The Title on individual pages will also appear as the heading level 1 text found at the top of the page.

Automatic Headings

In sites using the Ponderosa Template, a automatic Heading 1 will be placed at the top of your content. By default, this heading can be controlled by the changing the Title of the page. Depending on how the site is configured, the Display Name may also be used.