Hide Assets in Navigation

Hide Pages and Folders in Navigation

By default, Cascade pages are visible in the navigation. They can be marked so as not to be included in the navigation and/or in the A to Z site map.  If pages are not included in the navigation nor the site map, they are "invisible" to the site visitor unless found though the use of manually created buttons or as a search result.  This decision to include an item in navigation can be applied to pages, documents, and folders.

There are several reasons for marking pages as invisible.  There may be a functional reason that the page should only be accessed from another page.  For example, the web visitor needs to read information before filling out or retrieving a form.  So, the form's page may be marked invisible and be accessible only from a descriptive page.  In addition, pages can be make invisible until they are approved by everyone or they can be marked to be visible in navigation but not included (visible) in the A to Z site map.

The change to these settings will take effect the next time the affected pages or the site are published.  When changing navigation, we recommend the containing folder; not just the individual page.

A picture of the hide navigation option in Cascade