New Sites

Newly created websites will be built in the standard Ponderosa Template and will start with the same assets including:
  • Base Folder: The main folder containing all of the assets for the site (the Base Folder now inherits the name of the site)
  • _config folder: Contains the Stories Config Block which is used to apply configuration settings to the Stories found on the site
  • _cms folder: Contains blocks (indicated with a Lego-like icon), basepages (used in the creation of new pages and stories), and scripts used by the site for form and function. The typical user will edit blocks in this folder but won’t need to make any other changes.
  • css folder: This folder contains cascading stylesheets (css files) that are local to the site.  All Ponderosa sites inherit their styles from global CSS files, but custom styles put in these local CSS files override some of the global formatting.
  • images folder: Contains uploaded image files
  • Home page (formerly default page): The primary homepage for the site. The Home page may have additional content influenced by the Setup Block.
  • Setup Block: Setup Blocks in the Ponderosa Template control many aspects of your site.  Please see the Setup Block documentation for more information.

A picture of the files section of the Cascade 8 picture