Submit Button

Changes made to a block, file, folder, or page must be submitted after editing. In Cascade 8, content can be saved and previewed in a number of ways. After applying changes to the page, the user can click on Save & Preview at the top of the page, which will display a draft of the content. A notification will appear in the top right corner of the screen signaling that the draft has been saved, and to click submit to apply the changes to the current version. The user can click on the blue tab which reads “Submit” at the top of the screen, or may click on the “Click Submit” text which displays in the notification.

Upon clicking on Submit, the user has the option of entering comments to document any specific changes they’ve made to the current draft, choosing to check content for errors and submit, or simply clicking on Submit. Leaving comments on your changes will help if you need to go into your Versions and restore a previous version. If you choose to Check Content and Submit, Cascade will run a spellcheck on your content before submitting, more information on the spellcheck can be found in the Spellchecker Documentation.

When the draft has been submitted, the previewed content will display and a notification will appear in the top right indicating that changes have been saved and prompting the user to publish their content.

The user may also elect to bypass the drafting process by clicking on the Advanced Submit tab (three stacked dots next to Save & Preview). Clicking on the stacked dots will open a window with the three options previously mentioned--entering comments, checking content for errors and submitting, or simply submitting the content. The saved changes notification will appear in the top right.

A picture of the advanced tab on the menu



As changes are made in the editing interface, Cascade 8 automatically saves a draft of those changes, so if you close out of the editing interface, Cascade will notify you that a draft was saved the next time you enter the editing interface. Drafts are also automatically created when the Save & Preview button is clicked. A blue notification box will remind the user that the page they’re previewing is a draft and that permanent changes must be saved by clicking on the blue Submit button.


A picture of the draft notification in Cascade 8