Stories Config Block

Configuration settings for Stories are housed in the Stories Config block (found in the _config Folder). The Stories Config block assigns default settings to all associated Stories, much like the Tiles section of the Setup Block. Here the user can designate how the stories will appear on the site, in addition to giving them their specific functions.

Story Type

Want to display information from a social media account on your site without having to constantly update? Stories can be specified by type to achieve this! From the dropdown menu, you’ll have a number of options to choose from:

Build Individual Stories:

Building individual Stories allows the user to display several Story types on their page, which may include custom content entered by the user within Cascade, a feed that pulls data from a social media account, or a combination of both. Building individual stories requires the user to manually enter custom content into the WYSIWYG, offering familiar formatting options.

Social Media Stories (Tumblr, Wordpress, Twitter, Feed):

Stories can also be assigned to display content from external social media accounts. If pulled from a feed, content from the external source is pulled in order from newest to oldest, including titles, images, etc. Stories will automatically include links back to the original source.

  • Tumblr: All stories pull content from designated Tumblr feed
  • Wordpress: All stories pull content from designated Wordpress feed
  • Twitter: All stories pulled from designated Twitter handle
  • YouTube: A single story pulls from designated YouTube channel, playlist ID, or link to individual video

Stories Format Options

Once you’ve selected the Story type you will be working with, you can begin choosing specific formatting options for your Stories. These formatting options will be applied to all associated Stories. If selecting the “Build individual stories” type, additional formatting options will be assigned on an individual story basis (see Story Creation documentation). If any other Story type is selected, smart fields will display a formatting dropdown menu.


(only applied when selecting social media Story types):

  • Large image above text
  • Image to the left, text to the right
  • Image only
  • Text only

(For applying formatting options to individual stories that can override format options in the Config Block, see Story Creation documentation)

Show how many Stories? 

Number of Stories per row, up to four stories

Show how many Rows?

Total number of rows, up to four rows

Show only full rows?

Only show full rows of Stories; If selected, incomplete rows will not display

Link to archive page? 

Insert a link to Stories archive page


  • Light: Assigns a white background to Stories
  • Dark: Assigns a dark background to Stories

Character Limit 

Assigns the amount of characters to display in Stories; Splits at word not character.

  • Small: 200 character count
  • Medium: 400 character count
  • Large: 600 character count

Feature Story? 

Enables the Featured Story option, and displays relevant formatting options

Featured Stories

Users can now choose to highlight specific stories on their site with the new Featured Story option! Featured stories will display more prominently than other existing stories, and can be assigned unique formatting options. Formatting options selected in the Featured Story Options smart field will apply the assigned settings to all Featured Stories.

Stories to feature

  • Next feature Story:  Features the next Story selected as a Featured Story
  • Rotate visible features: One of the Stories checked as featured will randomly display as featured upon page refresh
  • First Story: Will feature the first Story, based on Story order, regardless of featured selection

Featured Story Layout

  • Above stories, full width: Featured Stories display prominently across the entire width of the page, above existing stories
  • Left of stories: Featured Stories display prominently to the left of existing stories

Featured Story Format

  • Inherit from story
  • Large image above text
  • Image to the left, text to the right
  • Image only
  • Text only