The Ponderosa Template has many interlocking components that make the Template as a whole work. We are working hard on this section, so new topics will appear frequently as we get them finished.

Image Sizing for Common Components

Featured Images

Featured Images can vary in dimensions based on what Style you have selected.  See Featured Image for more information.

  • Full Row Image: 1200px by 345px, but can vary by height. It is not recommended to go more than a height of 345px.
  • Half Row Image: 570 x 185. Height can vary based on how wide you want the photo to be.


Tiles can vary in dimensions based on what Style options you have selected. See Tiles for more information.

  • Image to the Left, Text to the Right: Commonly called "Square Tiles," these should be 200px by 200px.
  • Large Image Above Text: Commonly called "Wide Tiles," these tiles should be 375px by 175px.

Featured Links

Custom images for Featured Links should be approximately 470px by 95px, but the height can vary as needed. See Side Bar & Featured Link for more information.


If you have a new University-approved logo, you need a version with a transparent background 400px wide. (The height can vary based on the logo.)  See Contact Information for more information.

Images on Pages

Images may be wider than these suggestions and will not break anything. The images in the new template automatically scale based on the space it has in its container.

  • Full width: 1125px maximum width.
  • Two equally sized columns: 540px maximum width.
  • Three equally sized columns: 250px maximum width.