Featured Image

The Featured Image allows you to showcase content with a large visual element in the most prominent spot on your site, right under the Top Navigation . This can be used to promote an upcoming event, showcase a beautiful image, or lead users deeper into your site to some content you want them to see.

A screenshot showing where the featured image is on the page, located directly below the Top Navigation.

Sizing Images

Featured Images can vary in dimensions based on what Style you have selected.

  • Full Row Image: 1200px by 345px, but can vary by height. It is not recommended to go more than a height of 345px.
  • Half Row Image: 570 x 185. Height can vary based on how wide you want the photo to be.


To add a Featured Image, edit your Setup Block. Featured Images will only appear on the default page closest to the Setup Block. Some of the things you can have the Featured Image do are:

  • Link to another page in your site, or link to another site
  • Choose to place text underneath the image to give users context about the image
  • Choose various layout options for how you would like your Featured Image to appear
  • And many other options! For all the options, please see the Featured Image Technical Guide