Footer Technical Guide

The Footer is a handy feature since content within your footer will automatically be displayed on every page of your website.


To edit your Footer, you simply need to edit the Site Footer selection of the Setup Block.  If you would like to only display your Contact Information, you can choose to leave the Footer Content section blank.  Otherwise, you can add up to four columns of content in the footer. 

Footer Styles

Single Column:  By default, you will see single a content region given to you in the setup block. It will create a single column footer that will utilize the space next to the Contact Information.

Multi-Column: Multiple columns (sometimes referred to as a "Mega Footer") are created by pressing the "+" button in the upper left-hand corner of the Site Footer section in the Setup Block.  This will automatically create another column for you and the template will automatically adjust the layout to fit your columns with the Contact Info section.

Footer Options

Heading: Places a Heading 3 at the start of the column.

Content: Content for the footer. Plugins or other code shouldn't be placed here, but should be placed in the above/below block regions instead.


Wrapping Class: Wraps the Footer section in a class for CSS targeting. 

Above/Below Blocks: Useful to attach Plugins or custom code into the footer.