Section Block

Section Blocks are special blocks that will add content to all pages that are next to it without you having to do any additional work.

To make a Section Block, select "Add Content" and then "Components" and then "Section Block."

Banners and a Splash of Color

You can add a Banner Image to your page, or a Color Bar to help give your section a more distinct feel, without having to find a new image.

We recommend images should be 1200px by 175px, or taller if you prefer. Generally, they should be less tall than the Featured Images that reside on default pages so your visitors will know the difference.

Banner Image

An image showing a website with a banner image directly above the content.

Color Bar

An image showing a website with a line of color directly above the content.


You can add content that will appear in a sidebar on every page in a section. You can also attach a Plugin, for example, an Events Plugin that shows your upcoming events.

For additional information please view our Section Block Technical Guide.