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The Tiles are an excellent feature to showcase new content that will be updated on a regular basis. These elements will be displayed right under the Featured Image, giving your users the ability to keep up-to-date with important new content available on your site.

Tiles example

New Tiles can be created by simply selecting New >> Tile, and they should be place in the nearest "tiles" folder.  There are many display options for these tiles which can be found in the Setup Block.

Sizing Images

Tiles can vary in dimensions based on what Style options you have selected.

  • Image to the Left, Text to the Right: Commonly called "Square Tiles," these should be 200px by 200px.
  • Large Image Above Text: Commonly called "Wide Tiles," these tiles should be 375px by 175px.

Some display options for Tiles are:

  • Change the way the Tiles display by giving them light or dark backgrounds
  • Choose  a solid background or individual gutters for the Tiles
  • Have your images display above or to the left text
  • Display images with no text at all 

Tile Ordering

Tiles are arranged by creation date with the most recent item appearing furthest to the left. As new tiles are created, old tiles move to the right until they "fall off" the page. By default, sites show 3 tiles before this cut off, but this setting can be changed in the Setup Block.

If the order you currently have is the inverse of what you're looking for, the easiest thing way to do it is:

  1. Copy the tile you want to display in the middle, save it as the same name. (Cascade will append a "1")
  2. Copy the tile you want to display to the left, save it as well.
  3. Delete the two "old" tiles (The ones you used as the basis for your copies).
  4. Rename the "new" tiles to remove the 1.

Note that this sort of ordering should only be used during your first configuration of tiles. As you add new tiles, the ordering will be automatic.

For more information about tiles options please see our Tile Technical Guide.