Analyze Your Results

We've created a new Tool

In an attempt to make decision making and data analysis easier we've created a dashboard that will allow you to view reports for sites in the Ponderosa Template.

Mobile usage pie chart example

Take Action

The point of this is to use this data to make decisions about your site and your content, here are some ideas to get you started.

Top Content

Look at your top couple of pages...

Do you have a page that has as many or more pageviews as your homepage (/[site-name]/), if so you might want to ensure that these pages are also well organized and visually engaging.

Look at the "Entrance Rate" of the top pages, how do they relate to your homepage? do more people enter your site at a page that's not your homepage, how does that page look?

Do these pages have high bounce rates? Take a hard look at these pages and determine if users are quickly finding exactly what they're looking for, or if they are getting frustrated and giving up.

Search Terms

Are your search terms generally branded or unbranded? Are you using these search terms in your headings and content to ensure that searching users find your content?

Mobile Usage

Is your mobile usage over 20%? The University website as a whole has right around 20% traffic which means that one in five users is experiencing your content on a very small screen, can you improve it for them? break up long pages, put key information at the top of the page so it's easy to find. 

If you have basic informational pages (contact, hours, schedules, etc) that are have a high number of pageviews, paste the page path right into the search box and see if these pages have high mobile usage, if they do how do they look on small screen?

Traffic Type

Take a look at the different traffic referral mediums. If you are you using Google AdWords you can see how much of your traffic is being generated.


Bounce Rate
A bounce is a visit to your site that consisted of only one pageview, a page with a high bounce rate means that a user is entering and exiting the site using only this page. A page with a high bounce rate may mean that the user found exactly what they were looking for and then followed a link to an external service or closed their browser. The IT email support page is an example where a high bounce rate is expected. Typically though a high bounce rate is an indication that page is not serving users effectively and they are going back to search again.
A pageview is an instance of a page being loaded by a browser. The "Pageviews" metric is the total number of pages viewed; repeated views of a single page are also counted.*
Branded & Unbranded Search
A branded search is one that specifies your organization by name or location. For example for University of Montana content anything that contains UM, UMT, Missoula would probably be considered a branded search unless there are competing entities within the specification. For example "University of Montana Burritos" would be a branded search for UM, but would be unbranded for Casa Niña in the UC and for the Corner Store in the Lommasson building.
Traffic Medium
Every referral to a website also has a medium. Possible medium include: “organic” (unpaid search), “cpc” (cost per click, i.e. paid search), “referral” (referral), “email” (the name of a custom medium you have created), “none” (direct traffic has a medium of “none”).*

* responses taken from