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Cascade Server Updates

We have updated Cascade to version 6.8 on 12/11/13. This new version contains 3 major revisions to Cascade, and will slightly change how the system looks. It will provide content editors with an easier workflow to get their work done, as well as give developers and managers more flexibility and tools to get what they need done quicker, as well as empower them to do things that weren't possible before.

Look and Feel Changes

Submitting Assets

The submit/draft/version comments are now 'stuck' to the button of the application, making it easier to update pages that are lengthy. Cascade will also now attempt to summarize what was changed automatically, making managing versions easier. 

Displays how the Submit/Draft options are now pinned to the bottom of the page view.

Drag and Drop Upload

You can now drag and drop assets (images, documents, etc) on the New File screen. To do this, drag the file from somewhere on your computer/desktop into the browser window over the drop zone," or click on the drop zone to browse your computer like you previously did.

Shows the drop zone where users can drag and drop files from their local computer to upload into Cascade

Include in Navigation

The toggle for Including a page or folder has been promoted to directly below Display Name and Title, making it much quicker to toggle pages or folders off and on from the navigation.

Shows the new placement of the Include in Navigation toggle, directly below the Display and Title fields.

Dropdowns on the Edit Screen

Dropdowns on the edit screens are now type-ahead search enabled, meaning if you know what you want to select, you can start typing in that box and quickly select the option. This is really helpful if you have to use very long dropdown menus.

Shows how the Data Definition Dropdowns have been improved to be type ahead searchable

Image Editor

The Image Editor has been has been improved -- when you are clicking and dragging to crop an image, it will now show you the dimensions of your selection. You can also hold down shift while dragging to maintain the aspect ratio of your current selection. The Image Editor has also been visually refreshed as well.

Shows the drag and select image dimension being displayed.

New Features

Stale Content Dashboard

Shows the Stale Content section on the Dashboard

The Stale Content Dashboard will show you content that hasn't been updated in a time period you can adjust (by default, it shows pages not updated for 30 days.) To see this information, click on Home in the blue bar to to see your Dashboard. From there, you will see a pie graph showing you the proportion of stale and updated content. You can also click on the Stale Content link to view the information in more detail, and list out all the pages that have recently been updated, or see just pages that need updated.

Shows the more information view of the Stale Content Dashboard.

Persistent History

Your history and quick links are now stored by Cascade instead of your browsers session, meaning the history and quick links will work no matter if you get logged out or log in on another computer.


The subscribers tab has been renamed Relationships. You can now click on an image, for example, then click on the relationships tab to see what pages or blocks are using this image, which you previously couldn't do. If you look at the relationships of a page, you can see what pages in your site are linking to that page. Also, if you try and delete a page that you are linking to, Cascade will warn you that the link will be removed if you delete the page.

Advanced Changes

  • Blocks can now be edited in an modal overlay if a user clicks on the pencil from the View Layout.
  • Better Code Editor: The Code Editor is much improved, and can handle more than 2000 lines of XML (I've tested a 130,000 line XML file), loads faster and uses a better monospace font, syntax highlights better (read about the new ACE editor)
  • Velocity Locate Tools. I haven't played around with them yet, but they allow you to locate and get information about assets in Cascade without using an index Block.
  • Velocity Format Includes. You can call velocity inside of other velocity. Also haven't messed around with this too much, but I have high hopes for this functionality. 
  • "Configurations" has been renamed "Outputs"
  • Permissions user interface has been completely overhauled. You can now merge permissions instead of only overwriting child permissions. Here's a good explanation of how it works.
  • New Data Definition Asset Chooser called "Link." It can link to Pages, Files, or External Links.

Looking Forward

For the past 6 months, we have been developing a New Standard Template. This effort has been a combined effort between IT, Student Affairs IT, The Mansfield Library IT and University Relations. We have many sites using this new template, and it's empowered them to advertise their content more easily, do advanced layouts, have a responsive designed website, as well as too many other features to list out here.

To read about our efforts with our new Template, please see our projects site or start the process getting your site moved into the New Template.