Cascade Server Updates

Cascade 7.14.1

We have updated Cascade to version 7.14.1 on 6/16/15. This new version improves the external link checker, makes permissions verification easier for admins, and introduces content ownership assignment.

Faster External Link Checking

The external link checker has been dramatically improved in this release. The process has been revamped to provide more accurate reporting and parallelized to check multiple external links at once. The broken link report and the link checker on asset submit will be exponentially faster when dealing with assets containing lots of external links.

If you were previously using a really low external link check timeout to avoid long wait times on asset submit, please set this timeout back to a reasonable setting like 2-3 seconds. This will help avoid false positives in the broken link report.

Additional Information

If you would like to read the entire change log, please read the Cascade Release notes.