Cascade Server Updates

Cascade 7.12.3

We have updated Cascade to version 7.12.3 on 1/6/15. This new version has a new broken link report, improvements to the drafting functionality and support for Internet Explorer 11. 

Broken Link Report

The site-wide broken link report will help you get a handle on all of your content links both internal and external. The link checker periodically scans your sites for broken links and gives you a comprehensive Broken Link Report on your dashboard. The best part is that the broken link report can help you find and fix broken links before they ever go live.

Collaborate with your team to find and fix broken links and track your progress using the report's handy "mark fixed" feature.

Screenshot of a broken link report

Draft Improvements

Serious improvements have been made to drafting functionality. Drafts are simpler, subtler and more seamless. They're there when you need them but don't get in between you and your content. And, if you don't want to use them, you can safely ignore them.

A few of the improvements include:

  • Simpler and cleaner draft status indicators with clearer messaging.
  • Added information about when your draft was last updated.
  • Old drafts are automatically discarded on submit with no distracting warning messages.
  • Old drafts are automatically overwritten but with a 'Revert' option just in case

Screenshot of a draft getting deleted

IE11 now supported; IE8 end of lifeChrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox browser icons

IE11 is now officially supported.

With this release, we also want to remind users that we've deprecated support for IE8 and will be discontinuing support for it in our next major release.

Additional Information

If you would like to read the entire change log, please read the Cascade Release notes.