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Cascade Server Updates

Cascade 7.10

We have updated Cascade to version 7.10 on 6/3/14. This new version has some minor user interface differences and gives us a whole new way to structure what you see on your edit screens for pages, plugins, etc. 

User Interface Changes

Cascade 7.10 contains some changes to some of the interaction elements that you're used to. These changes are fairly minor and should help new users understand what the elements do when clicked.

Folder expansion icons

An image showing the navigation tree structure of Cascade to illustrate the changed icons.The icons that denote you can open a folder have been increased in size and sport a flatter appearance.

Up/Down Icons

An image showing the ordering icons to denote the change from uncolored items to colored arrows.The Up and Down icons that denote moving sections around inside of a page or block have been color-coded to help users understand what they do when clicked.


When a user clicks on the Edit HTML Source button, the HTML will he syntax-highlighted in the window that pops up. This is a very welcome change for those of us who has to edit a lot of HTML inside of Cascade.

An image showing that the HTML view inside of Cascade is now syntax-highlighted


The dashboard view, or the overview screen you see when you first log in has been updated. The sections are now customizable, both in content and layout.

Looking Forward

This new version will allow us to create "Data Definitions," (which we use for Setup Blocks, Tiles, Plugins and Pages) that have conditionally showing sections. We'll be developing updated versions of Template Components and Plugins that utilize this feature to create much more digestible ways for you to use Cascade.

Additional Information

If you would like to read the entire change log, please read the Cascade Release notes.