A-to-Z Technical Guide


Adding a page with the A to Z Index will generate a comprehensive list of the pages and documents that exist in your site.  This can allow your users to easily locate the information they are looking for and can be especially helpful for large sites with a lot of content.

A-to-Z Implementation

To create implement an A to Z Index in your site, you will want to create it by selecting New >> Plugins and choosing the A to Z plugin.

Select the index block

Header: This is option header text that will display above your plugin as long as the "Show Header" box is checked.

Index Block: This is a required field.  The selected Index Block compiles the list of files and page that make up the content of your site.  Select the Full Site Index block located under your _cms/blocks folder.

Attaching to Page: To implement the A to Z plugin, you will want to edit the page it will be implemented on and under Row >> Column >> Advanced there will be a place to attach a block either above or below the content. Either section is acceptable to attach the block.

Advanced Options

  • Display links as: Choose either the Display Name or Title option.  This will control whether the "Display Name" or "Title" of the page is used in the index.
  • Result Columns: This will control how many columns your A-to-Z plugin will have, its default is set to 3 columns. 
  • Include Files:  Files include images, PDFs, CSS and script files, and other documents. By default, files will not be included in the A-to-Z listing to avoid clutter.  If you’d like to include files in your listing, simply check this box.
  • Respect Metadata: Each page, file, and folder has the option to be independently excluded from the A-to-Z listing with the Include in A to Z Site Map under the Edit>Metadata tab.  This in combination with the Respect Metadata option gives you full control over what pages are displayed in the A-to-Z index.
  • Show Header: This box will show or hide the "Header" text if it filled out.
  • Hide Unused Letter:  It's not uncommon for some letters to go unused in you A-to-Z listing.  How many page names start with the letter "X"?  This option will hide headers for letters with no pages to list