Accordion/Tabs Technical Guide


The Accordion/Tab Plugin is designed to display collapsible content panels for presenting information in a limited amount of space.  There are a few options available to allow you to control the behavior and appearance of this plugin.

Accordion, Tabs Implementation


Pressing the "+" under Section will create the additional content. The number of sections added will directly correlate to the number tabs or accordion sections displayed on the page.

Advanced Options

Display Format: This changes the display type between accordion style and tab style.

  • Tabs:  The user may navigate multiple sections of content via tabs at the top of a central content box without leaving the page.
  • Accordion:  By clicking on each section, it will expand the selected content and condense all others.  This allows the user to swap between content areas without leaving the page.

Theme: By default, your accordion bars or tabs will be a pre-styled light-gray/white color scheme, but you have the option to switch to a dark-gray/black theme.

Tab Themes

light tab theme

dark tab theme

Accordion Themes

accordion light theme

accordion dark theme