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Liberal Arts, Room 103

Larry Abramson



Personal Summary

Larry Abramson is the ninth dean in the 100-year history of the University of Montana School of Journalism. He moved to Missoula from Washington, D.C., where he spent three decades as a professional journalist, nearly all of them at National Public Radio.

At NPR, Larry had a chance to work in many different parts of the organization. He began as a tape-cutter on the graveyard shift at Morning Edition and ended his radio career as Pentagon Correspondent, responsible for following the Secretary of Defense around the world on the Air Force jet known as the “Doomsday Plane.” In between, Larry ran NPR’s National Desk, the home to the network’s domestic reporting staff. He helped to grow the resources of the desk, which won awards for coverage of several big stories, from the Rodney King riots to the Waco siege. 

In 1997, Larry switched over to a reporting role. He covered a wide array of government agencies in Washington including the FBI, the Federal Communications Commission and the Defense Department. Larry also spent five years as NPR’s Education Correspondent. One of his favorite assignments involved making regular visits to New Orleans to track the progress of the city’s schools following Hurricane Katrina. Larry’s NPR work took him all over the U.S and to Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

Larry lives in Missoula with his wife Anita Huslin and their cats, Calvin and Hobbes. His son Seth serves in the U.S. Air Force in Japan.