Employee Database Technical Guide


The Employee Database is built and maintained by Spectral Fusion Designs, and IT has created a plugin to pull this information into your Cascade site.  Now you can easily display your faculty and staff information without having to update information in multiple places.

Notes & Recommendations

  • There is a 1 hour cache to speed up page load times, if you want manually clear the cache you can by appending ?clear=true to the page on www.umt.edu.

  • The recommended image size is 300 x 300 pixels.

Technical Requirements

This plugin requires an existing school/department in the Employee Database. Please contact Spectral Fusion to set this up.

Liberal Arts, Room 103

For more information, please see the API Documentation.

Using the API to get your IDs

To utilize the Employee Database Plugin, you will need the following information:

  • School ID: Each school within the database is referenced by a unique ID.
  • Department ID: In combination with the school ID, this identifies your department within the Employee Database.
  • Type ID(s): Each person in the system is associated with a personnel "type" (Professor, Adjunct, Staff, etc.), and you can filter by these IDs.
  • Tag ID(s): Some departments choose to further categorize by research area or specialty with tags.

This information can be found by using the API helper provided by Spectral Fusion.

  1. Select your school: Check the box next to your school and select "Next".
  2. Pick your department(s): Check the box(es) next to the department(s) with faculty you'd like to display.
  3. Types: Most departments choose to list all types, but you can select personnel types as needed. If you choose a type, but have no personnel associated with that type, the personnel type will not display.
  4. Tags:  Most departments don't add tags, but these also have unique IDs.

API outputs a list of IDs for use in the pluginAfter hitting the "Next" button one last time, you'll be show information similar to that shown to the right. You can now fill out the Employee Database Plugin Block using this information.

If you have trouble setting up any of the above, please contact us.

Employee Database Implementation

For each "Department" group you'll be asked to provide a "Name" and "ID"s.  You can addition additional groups by using the "+".

  • Department Name: This optional text will display as a heading above your department listing.
  • Department ID(s): You can list multiple departments in one group by listing the IDs here as a comma separated list. If you'd rather list departments separately, add another group with the "+" button.

Display Style

  • By Type: This option will allow you to separate Types such as the example, where Assistant Professors have been separated from the Adjunct.
    Employee Database sorting by Type
  • By Tag: Some departments choose to add "Tags" to the Employee Database.  This is a nice way to allow you to display by custom values such as research focus or field specialization.  Note that all members of that tag will appear in one listing with no separation by "Type".
    Tag Employee Database sorting

Show Only These Tags: This allows you to filter by tag, but still allows for distinguishing between faculty/staff types. In other words, "Show only members of (tag), but show (type) before (type)." Style must be set to "By Type" in order for this feature to work.

Department > Display > Section

For each "Section" group you'll be asked to provide a "Label" and "Type of Tag ID"s.  You can addition additional groups by using the "+".

  • Label: This text will display as a heading just above your faculty/staff listing.  This is optional.
  • Type of Tag ID: Whether you're using tags or types, put the IDs here When using more than one ID, separate them with commas.

Advanced Options

  • Display Format: By choosing a display format, you can alter how the Employee Database information is displayed.
    • Default Listing: By default, the plugin will be set to the default listing which will display the database with a photograph of the listed personnel next to their name and title. The name will be hyper-linked to take the viewer to a corresponding page about the faculty or staff member.
      Default option for Employee Database plug-in
    • Catalog Listing: The catalog listing will list each of the departmental personnel by their name and position in a link format. The link will take the viewer to a corresponding page about the faculty or staff member.
    • Condensed Listing: The condensed listing will display the Employee Database as if it were a listing for contact information. It will list and link the employee's name, display their title, phone number, office number, and e-mail address.
      Condensed listing option for Employee Database
  • Setup Block: By choosing a Setup Block, you can auto-populate the physical building address.
  • Columns: By default the plugin will display 3 people per row.  The column setting will only affect the display if the "Default Listing" option is chosen.