Post an Event

The Events Feed Plugin displays a nicely formatted list of your upcoming calendar events and can be a very useful tool to spur community involvement. It works by collecting data from submissions to, and displaying the content on a particular page in your site. You can post an event for the calendar at In the column on the right, click 'Post Your Event'.

Events Feed Helper

The Events Feed Helper will allow you to easily search for Category IDs and Event Tags for use with the Events Feed plugin in Cascade CMS.  Simply choose from the categories and tags presented and press the submit button. The Helper will show you which IDs and Tags correspond to your selection. After the Events Feed Helper generates the corresponding codes for your tag selection, you can insert these codes in the "Event Tags" field of the Events Feed Plugin. You can enter additional codes by clicking the green "+" icon.

Events Feed Helper

Event Form

The Event Form allows the user to provide relevant details of their event. All required fields must be completed, and are indicated by ‘(required)’.

  • Event Title (required): Provide title of the event
  • Date (required): Provide date of the event
    • Add time: Provide time the event begins
    • Add end date/time: Provide the end date and end time of event
  • Venue name (required): Provide location of event
  • Address (required): Provide address of event location
    • Include map: indicates event location on a map
  • Categoryy: Select appropriate categories from the menu
  • Tag: Select appropriate tag(s) from the list; if no unique tag exists for your department or group, simply type the desired tag to create it
  • Description (required): Provide a description of event
  • Organizer name (required): Provide the name of the event organizer
  • Organizer email (required): Provide organizer’s email
  • Registration URL: Provide the URL to the registration site (optional)
  • External website URL (required): Provide the URL for respective site
  • Phone number (required): Provide organizer’s phone number
  • Image: Upload an image to display event
    • images should be no larger than 300 x 300 and in compliance with copyright laws

Check the box at the bottom to indicate that you have read and agreed to the posting rules

Click “Submit Event”

Submitting an event to this form puts it in a queue curated by University Relations.