Events Super Widget

With the Super Widget, you can embed a calendar into a remote webpage (for example, a static HTML page hosted on a different server). Here's how:

  1. Add this line just before the closing </head> tag:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  2. Insert this markup where you would like to embed the Super Widget (using default options):

    <div class="timely-calendar"></div>
  3. Optional. Add options to your Super Widget: (use the calendar helper to find your tag and category ids)

    • Posterboard view:<div class="timely-calendar" data-action="posterboard"></div>
    • Stream view: <div class="timely-calendar" data-action="stream"></div>
    • Month view: <div class="timely-calendar" data-action="month"></div>
    • Week view: <div class="timely-calendar" data-action="week"></div>
    • Day view: <div class="timely-calendar" data-action="oneday"></div>
    • Agenda view: <div class="timely-calendar" data-action="agenda"></div>
    • Default view as per settings: <div class="timely-calendar"></div>
    • Filter by event category ID: <div class="timely-calendar" data-cat_ids="1"></div>
    • Filter by event category IDs (separate IDs by comma):<div class="timely-calendar" data-cat_ids="1,2"></div>
    • Filter by event tag ID: <div class="timely-calendar" data-tag_ids="1"></div>
    • Filter by event tag IDs (separate IDs by comma):<div class="timely-calendar" data-tag_ids="1,2"></div>
    • Filter by post ID: <div class="timely-calendar" data-post_ids="1"></div>
    • Filter by post IDs (separate IDs by comma):<div class="timely-calendar" data-post_ids="1,2"></div>
    • Limit number of events per page:<div class="timely-calendar" data-events_limit="5"></div>
    • Hide title and navigation buttons:<div class="timely-calendar" data-no_navigation="true"></div>
    • Set a default start date: *<div class="timely-calendar" data-exact_date="21-12-2012"></div>
* Provide a date in the same format specified by the Input dates in this format setting on the Adding/Editing Events tab.
Information taken from documentation on October 28, 2014