Adding Channel Sets


Channel Sets basically allows the users of your form to add additional sets of a question or group. It will look something like this:

How adding a new channel looks.

When the user clicks on 'Click here to add another User' it will add another channel like so:

Adding a channel to a form

Advanced Options Elements

On the form, under advanced options you will see these three settings:

  • CSS Class for Add New Question Set Button: Here you will declare a variable for the button.
  • CSS Class used to group questions into Questions Sets: This is where you will declare a variable for each channel element.
  • Heading text for Question Set: This will be the heading of each channel. In my example above, User is my heading. Each heading will automatically be numbered hence why it says User 1 and User 2.

The setting for the above example are as follows:

Adding a channel elements

Implementation: Adding the channel elements

To create the channel elements simply create form elements and under each Form Element >> Advanced Options >> CSS Class put the variable you declared in the CSS Class used to group questions into Question Sets advanced option.

Channel elements on a form

Implementation: Adding the add new channel button

For the button, create a form element with Message as the Type  and then whatever text you would like for the Name. Under the Form Element >> Advanced Options >> CSS Class be sure to put the variable you declared in the advanced options.

Adding a new channel button on a form