Online Payment Gateway

Setting Up The Account

You can now accept credit card payments via the web. This system uses TransFirst TransactionExpress. For information on this system or to set up an account with TransFirst, visit the Business Services Credit Card Transaction Page

Once you have set up an account you will be provided with the following:

  • GID (Gateway ID)
  • RegKey
  • Hosted Key

Cascade Integration

Advanced Options >> Add Payment

You'll enter your TransFirst information into Cascade form builder under "Advanced Options >> Add Payment"  you can also change the default text that the system uses (e.g. "Buy Now" and "Add To Cart"). To enable the ability to accept card payments, you will need to check the "Enable Payments" checkbox. There will be three additional fields to fill out in order to accept payments:

  • GID (Gateway ID)
  • RegKey
  • Hosted Key

Without the enable payments checkbox checked and the add payment requirements entered, you will not be able to accept card payments through Cascade.

Using a Cart

Advanced Options >> Add Payment >> Advanced

You have the option to use a cart that will allow users to pay for multiple items at a time. 

  • Buy Text: This optional text field is to place an indication for the viewer to buy now. By default the text is "Buy Now".
  • Add To Cart Text: This optional text field is to place an indication for the viewer to add a cart to a text. By default the text is "Add To Cart".
  • Mustache Template: If you would like to change the format of how your shopping cart and items are displayed, you can provide a custom Mustache Template here.
  • Use Cart: This option toggles the ability to have a shopping cart available.

Adding Items

Advanced Options >> Add Payment >> Item

You can add multiple items, that can be purchased individually or collectively depending on whether you've enabled the cart.

  • Name: This field will display the name of the item.
  • Price: This field will display the price of the item.
  • Description: This field will display a brief description of the item.

Do not ask for credit card information in the Form Builder

Credit card processing payment flow

  1. Choose Buy Now or Check Out
  2. Complete informational form
  3. Redirected to TransFirst (off site)
  4. Enter credit card information
  5. Credit card is processed
  6. Redirected back to initial payment page