Galleriffic Technical Guide


The Galleriffic plugin will generate a formatted gallery to display images you wish to showcase on your website.  Galleriffic works well as a gallery of images or as a slideshow with thumbnails.

Notes & Recommendations

It is recommended that each of your images be of the exact same size and format.

Galleriffic Images

With Galleriffic, setting up your gallery of images is easy.  We do recommend some initial image preparation, however.  For the best results, make certain each are the same dimensions and format/extension. Once your images are ready and uploaded to Cascade, simply add them to your Galleriffic block by filling in the following fields for each image.  

  • Image: Select the image you would like to display here.
  • Image Alt: The alt tag provides a text description of the image you just selected.
  • Caption Text: Captions are overlaid on the photo and are a great way to give the user more information about the image.  This is only displayed if you choose the Display Captions option under Advanced Options.

You can add as many images as you need by simply clicking the “+” button and repeat this process for each image.

Advanced Options

The Advanced Options section will help you determine the visual appearance of the plugin.

  • Display Controls: By default, this option will display the control options for the Galleriffic plugin. These include next and previous buttons to advance the displayed image and a play button to begin the slide show. To disable this navigation bar, simply set the option to False.
  • Display Captions: This option will display the captions you specified for each of your images. To disable the captions, simply set the option to False.
  • Display Title: By default the Title will not be displayed about your Galleriffic plugin.  If you would like to display a Title, you can specify the text to be displayed and set this option to True.
  • Thumbnail Options: This option will determine the placement of the Thumbnails and Controls; either Above or Below the main image.
  • Auto Start: This option will allow for the auto start of the slideshow. By default this is set to False so that the slideshow must be manually started by the user.
  • Slide Delay in Seconds: When the Galleriffic is in Play Mode, this option will represent the number of seconds before the next image is displayed. By default this is set to seconds between each image.
  • Number of Thumbnails to Display: This option will allow you to control how many images will be displayed in the thumbnail gallery. By default this is set to 10 thumbnails, however you can choose between 68, or 10 thumbnails to be displayed.