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The Department Deposit Form (WFADPST) was created to allow departments to enter the details for their deposits into Banner. Once the details have been entered, a copy of the Banner Form WFADPST can be sent with the deposit to Treasury to approve. Once the deposit details have been matched to the cash, checks and credit card, the deposit is approved and will feed to finance.

Please note: Abatement transactions will continue to be completed using the manual green cards. The current form WFADPST does not provide an area for explanation of the reason for the abatement needed for this type of transaction. Please continue to bring abatements to the Treasury Department to process.

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  • For further support contact: TREASURY - EXT 4320 or 2492.


    The TOADEST form will pop up before the WFADPST form appears. Press the X to exit past this form.


    The Prepared Date will auto fill with today’s date. The Dept Org and Prepared By fields will auto fill with the Banner user’s id and department. These fields can be typed over if the user would like the deposit to be tied to another department (organization code) or name the deposit was prepared by. The Treasury Department will use this information as a contact reference in case there are questions with the deposit.


    To view old deposits, tab to the Deposit Number field and press the down arrow to see the deposits that have been entered into Banner by departments. You can search on the Deposit Number if you know it. Ctrl Page Down to see the entry.


    To enter new deposits, tab to the Check if new entry box and click in the box. The Deposit Number field will auto assign a new deposit number. Enter your phone extension into the Ext field. Ctrl Page Down.

    Enter the Detail Code (or FOAP into the detail code field if you are entering an Index and Account) for your deposit. The arrow at the top of the Detail Code field will provide a list of commonly used codes for deposits.

    If you have entered a detail code, the form will take you to the Description field. You can leave the description of the detail code or type over to customize the description for your deposit. Tab to the Dr/Cr (debit/credit) field. Enter ‘C’ for most deposits. The exception will be if you have a reversal or a discount you need to record, then you will enter a ‘D’. Enter the amount associated with the detail code for that line in the Amount field. After you press Enter or Tab or the down arrow of your keyboard, the cursor will move to the next line for more entries. The form will expand and allow you to enter more than the 10 lines that are showing. After you have entered all your lines, Ctrl Page Down.

    (see example below)


    Enter the type and amounts of cash, check and credit card that make up the deposit currency in the bottom section of the WFADPST form:

  • Enter ‘D’ in the Dr/Cr field for Check, Cash, or Credit Card.
  • Enter the amount in the Amount field associated with your deposit.
  • Enter ‘C’ if you have Cash Out amounts.

    Deposits including Credit Card amounts require a Credit Card Detail Code. Please note: Department Credit Card Detail Codes are printed at the top of the credit card receipt generated by all new credit card machines installed in 2009. If your department does not yet have a new machine please call the Treasury Department to obtain the code: EXT 4320 or 2492.
    Please note:You will need to complete a separate Deposit for each type of Credit Card total. For instance, you will have to create a new deposit for the credit cards you enter at your location and another deposit for the online credit card total.

    Please see the example below:


    Once the (Check, Cash, Credit Card) Total section of the Departmental Deposit Form has been completed, press F10 or the Save icon to save your deposit entry. The form will generate a message stating the transaction has been saved.


    Print this screen and send the cash, checks and credit cards to the Treasury Department.


    To obtain a receipt, please send a second copy of the deposit form screen-print or make note that you would like a receipt card returned to you and whom/where you would like the receipt sent. Once Treasury verifies the money with the deposit form entry, they will approve the transaction and it will be fed to finance in Banner. The monies will be sent to the bank.


    If the money cannot be verified to your entry, a Treasurer will contact the person on the form responsible for the deposit and outline what needs to be corrected. In rare cases the deposit will be returned to the department for correction.

    Re-enter the WFADPST Form and follow these steps:

  • Tab past the "Check New Entry"
  • Search for your Deposit Number in the Deposit Number dropdown.
  • Ctrl Page Down and make any needed corrections for the deposit.
  • Press F10 or the Save icon to save your changes.
    If corrections are needed in the Details Block (Depositor’s Block):

  • To remove a line, press Shift F6 (record remove) and Save (F10). Do NOT enter 0.00 in the amount field.
  • To change an amount or change the Debit/Credit indicator, simply key over the amount or select the correct Debit/Credit indicator. Save (F10).
    If corrections are needed in the Totals Block (CASH, CHEK, COUT):

  • To remove a line, choose "BLANK" in the Dr/Cr drop-menu field. Save (F10).
  • To change an amount or change the Debit/Credit indicator, simply key over the amount or select the correct Debit/Credit indicator. Save (F10).
  • For Credit Card entries, to remove the record you must leave the Credit Card Detail Code intact and then blank out the Dr/Cr field and the Amount. Save (F10).
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