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Considering Withdrawal?

 The University of Montana



What do I do if I am receiving Federal Financial Aid?

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What happens if I am on the deferred payment plan?

Any refund you receive will be figured against the cost of your own total tuition and deducted from that amount.  If you have passed the refund deadline and still owe one or two installments, you will be required to pay your remaining balance.  Contact the Cashiers in Griz Central for further information.

How much of a refund, if any, will my account be credited?

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How will withdrawing affect my grades and credits?

You will not earn credit for the semester.  Your transcript will list your courses for the semester and a W is the assigned grade for each course.  Your cumulative grade point average and total number of credits earned will remain the same as they were when you first enrolled for the semester, unless an alternate grade, grad change or repeat has been marked.   The credits will show as attempted credits and will be counted towards the financial aid credit cap.

May I return to The University of Montana?

You may return to school any semester.  Contact your advisor during the registration period so you can plan your schedule and receive your advising number.  You may then use CyberBear to register.  If you are absent from the UM for two or more years (dating from the time of withdrawal) you will need to complete an Application for Readmission Form, available at the Registration Counter in Griz Central or available at

May I still live in the dorms, family housing or Lewis & Clark Villages if I withdraw?

No.  Once you withdraw, you no longer considered a student, which prevents you from living in the dorms, family housing or Lewis & Clark Villages.  Please see a housing representative for special request.

May I continue to use Student Health Services?

No.  You may not use the Student Health Services after you withdraw.  If the student is currently being seen at the Curry Health Center a referral for care will be made on an individual, as needed basis.

Will my Blue Cross Insurance (through UM) still be effective?

If you withdraw during the first three weeks of school, you will not be covered by Blue Cross Insurance and will receive a refund.  If you receive a medical withdrawal the insurance you registered for can be protected for the semester.  If you withdraw after the third week, you will be covered by the Blue Cross Insurance and will not receive a refund.  

Will I get a refund for my textbooks?

You may get a refund for the textbooks during the first three weeks of school if you have the receipts and did not write in the textbooks.  If you complete a Medical Withdrawal form, the week refund time may be extended.  Contact the UC Bookstore for details.

Will I receive a refund on my parking decal?

Full refunds are available if you withdraw during the first three weeks of school.  Please contact the Office of Public Safety, 243-6131, for more details.

Will my Griz Card still work?

No.  Your Griz Card is inactivated when you withdraw.

May I continue to work on my student job on campus if I withdraw?

No.  You may no longer work as a student at a position on campus.   The only way to continue with such a job is for your employer to hire you as classified staff.

 If I am a foreign student, what do I need to do when I withdraw?

If you are a foreign student, be sure to communicate with the Foreign Student Services Office prior to completing your withdrawal.

 What if I am withdrawing due to a medical reason?

If you are withdrawing due to personal medical reasons (not a family member, friend or pets medical reason) you will want to see a Withdrawal Coordinator to intiate the process.  Documentation from your health care provider will be required to complete the medical withdrawal. 

 What if I am withdrawing because I was activated by the military?

If you withdraw due to being activated by the military, be sure to tell the staff at the Registration Counter and you will be referred to the Registrar or Associate Registrar to discuss financial implications.

 Can I still use the UM Library?

You can use the library facilities; however you must be a current registered student to check out books or other media.

 Can I still use the Campus Recreation Facilities?

No, unless you are withdrawing due to an injury or other medical reason that requires you to need Physical Therapy and you plan to attend the following semester.  You may contact Campus Recreation at 243-2804 to inquire.


Ask Us!!

Withdrawal Coordinators

Matt Filer
Office of the Registrar (EL 201)
Joneal Szwedkowicz
(Contact if you are receiving or have received financial aid.)
Business Services (EL 254)
Registrar's Office