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Considering Withdrawal?

 The University of Montana



Before you make the decision to seek a medical withdrawal, please contact one of the Withdrawal Coordinators.  The Withdrawal Coordinators will meet with you to discuss your individual needs, hear your concerns and help you look at all your options.  In order to withdraw you will follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Registration Counter in Griz Central to obtain the Withdrawal Form (Distance Students can call 406-243-6077)

  2. You will be referred to the appropriate Withdrawal Coordinator

  3. A Coordinator will discuss your individual needs, hear your concerns and help you look at your options

  4. A Coordinator will answer any questions that you might have

  5. If your reasons for withdrawal are related to your own acute medical condition, your coordinator will refer you to the Medical Withdrawal coordinator at Curry Health Center. (Medical conditions involving family members do not qualify and are handled as personal withdrawals.) Once you have been referred to the Medical Withdrawal Coordinator, you can call 243-4330 to schedule an appointment.

  6. Medical Withdrawals are issued to students whose own overwhelming, unexpected health problems have significantly interfered with their ability to meet their academic commitments.

  7. A Medical withdrawal allows a student to maintain the student Blue Cross / Blue Shield insurance coverage if withdrawing during the first 3 weeks of the semester.

  8. Refunds for Medical Withdrawals follow The University of Montana refund policy and are only granted for conditions that originate before or during the first 3 weeks of classes.

  9. Confidentiality is protected regarding reasons for withdrawal.

  10. In order to consider a request for a medical withdrawal, the student must provide the Medical Withdrawal Coordinator the following information:

  • If seen at the Curry Health Center as a client, documentation from visits within the Curry Health Center will be available for evaluation.
  • If the student was seen by an off-campus physician/medical provider or counselor, they must bring or have forwarded to Curry Health Center:

a) documentation of diagnosis and visits dates;

b) records of hospitalization, inpatient or outpatient, mental health treatment, inpatient or outpatient drug   treatment referral.

c) any other pertinent information that supports how your acute health condition interfered with your ability to meet academic commitments.

d) Copies of medical bills are generally not sufficient documentation to support medical withdrawal.

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