Alternate Options to Withdrawal

Consider these alternatives:

  • Warning: Not all courses are offered with a credit/no credit option
  • Warning: Major, minor and general education requirements must be taken for a traditional letter grade
  • Great alternative to dropping a course
  • Credit/no credit grades do not impact the GPA
  • Earn credit if you receive the equivalent to a D- or higher
  • May keep you in good academic standing 
  • May keep you off financial aid probation/suspension

  • If you are succeeding (D- or higher) in at least one of your courses, it is recommended that you don't withdraw from the semester.
  • Speak with a Withdrawal Coordinator immediately to discuss your options.
  • Course drop polices vary depending on the time of the semester.
  • See UM Catalog for details:

  • Consult with your instructor about the option of an incomplete. 
  • May be eligible if you have been in attendance and doing passing work up to three weeks before the end of the semester.
  • May be eligible if, for reasons beyond your control (and are acceptable to the instructor), you have been unable to complete the requirements of the course on time.  Negligence and indifference are not acceptable reasons.
  • The instructor will set the conditions for the completion of your course work.
  • In most cases you have one calendar year (or otherwise established by your instructor) to complete the requirements or an alternate grade (assigned by the instructor) will be assigned.
  • See UM Catalog for complete policy on incompletes: