Who We Are and What We Do

The Writing Center helps undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines become more independent, versatile, and effective writers, readers, and thinkers.  Welcoming all students, including international students, we provide a comfortable environment where students can engage in supportive conversations about their writing and receive feedback on their works in progress.  Our professional tutors help students at any point during a writing process and with any writing task. Focused on the development of the writer, tutors help students to recognize their power as communicators and to practice strategies that will help them write more effectively. 

The Writing Center treats writing both as a mode of communication and as a way to learn, and encourages all members of the University community to think more explicitly about their writing processes and the decisions they make as they write. 

We offer students:

  • FREE one-to-one writing tutoring (available on a by-appointment and drop-in basis)
  • Guidance interpreting writing assignments
  • Reader feedback on any writing task, including research proposals and papers, response papers, reports, literature reviews, speeches, scholarship applications, graduate school applications, thesis projects, etc.
  • Help developing strategies for revision at any stage of a writing process
  • Workshops on specific types of writing and on the various parts of a writing process
  • Assistance building strategies for timed writing situations

We offer faculty:

  • In-class orientations to The Writing Center for your students
  • In-class workshops tailored to specific courses and assignments
  • Consultations on writing assignment design and on providing freedback to students
  • Ideas for incorporating writing – both graded and non-graded – into courses
  • Faculty workshops on using writing to enhance student learning in any course