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Extended Learning Institute

Montana University System

XLi 2012: 
Thursday, March 8th Agenda

*All rooms are on the third floor of the University Center unless indicated as "Todd" for the Todd Building. 

8:00am ~ Conference Registration Opens - UC Third Floor

8:00-9:00am ~ Continental Breakfast - UC Third Floor

9:00-9:15am ~ XLi 2012 Welcome, UC 332-333


  1. UC 332-333: "The Emerging Open Environment in Online Learning Competition, Collaborations and Controversy" ~ Ray Schroeder, University of Illinois Springfield. Streamed live!:

  2. UC 330: "Facilitating Collaborative Film Production Using the Learning Management System" ~ Shannon Janssen & Charlotte Dugoni, UM Missoula
  3. UC 331: "Tips for New Online Instructors!" ~ Gordon Flanders, UM Montana Tech
  4. Todd 210: "Research Assistance in Your PJs? How Librarians are Meeting Research Needs of Online Students Through Synchronous Library Instruction" ~ Mary Anne Hansen & Sheila Bonnand, MSU Bozeman

10:30-10:45am ~ Coffee Break,
Sponsored by MSU Billings


  1. UC 332-333: "The Growing Influence of Online Learning on K-20 Education: Access, Opportunity and Acceptance" ~ Roberta Evans, UM Missoula, & Robert Currie, Montana Digital Academy
  2. UC 330: "Innovate Your Teaching with Open Access and Open Educational Materials!" ~ Samantha Hines & Kate Zoellner, UM Missoula. Streamed live!:

  3. UC 331: "Tips for New Online Instructors: Designing a S.M.A.R.T. Online Course" ~ Deborah Peters, MSU Billings
  4. Todd 210: "Advantages of Instructor Avatars for Online Learning" ~ Henrietta Shirk, UM Montana Tech 

11:45-1:00pm ~ Lunch, UC 3rd Floor Ballroom


  1. UC 332-333: "Where in the World is K-12 Online Learning?" ~ Robert Currie, Montana Digital Academy
  2. UC 331: "Saving Time with Screen Recording: Camtasia Relay’s New Features" ~ Janet Sedgley, UM Missoula
  3. UC 330: "Creating Breadth in Online Education Through Service Learning, Reflection and Blogs" ~ Barbara Zuck, MSU Northern
  4. UC 327: "Interactive  Web Conferencing for Online Learning" ~ Ginger Collins & Nancy Clouse, UM Missoula
  5. Todd 210: "iPads, Airplay and Interactivity: A New Sandbox Classroom" ~ Dan Case, Carroll College.  Streamed live!:

2:00-2:15pm ~ Coffee Break, Sponsored by MSU Extended University


  1. Todd 204: "Content + Technology = Engagement: Basic Principals of Using Multimedia in the Online Environment" -Deana Fuller, MSU Billings - CANCELLED
  2. UC 332-333: "The Flipped Classroom: A Case Study" ~ Shaun Scott , UM Helena COT
  3. UC 331: "Semi-Homemade LMS Professional Development" ~ Cheryl Stanley & Kristi Baldwin, MSU Great Falls COT
  4. UC 330: "Orientation Online – Building Online Student Success!" ~ Karissa Drye, Beth Howard, & Marlene Zentz, UM Missoula
  5. UC 327: "Creating a Successful Online Developmental Ed Program" ~ Ryan Schrenk, UM Missoula
  6. Todd 210: "Getting Your Game On: How Game Design and Learning Collide!" ~ Josh Hughes, Trevor Hughes, Cyndi Hughes, & Bob Sather, Add-A-Tudez Entertainment Company Streamed live!:

3:15-3:30pm ~ Break


  1. UC 332-333: "Five Ways an LMS Can Enhance Your Face-to-Face Class" ~ Suzanne Williams, UM Helena COT
  2. UC 331: "LAC Online Education: Collaboration, Development  and Preparedness" ~ Katey Franklin, MSU-Bozeman, & Tim Conley, UM Missoula
  3. UC 330: "E-Learning Faculty Guides—Piloting a Model for Instructional Technology Diffusion in a Limited Resource Environment" ~ Randy Bachmeier, Amy Crowder, & Brigit Hemmer, MSU Northern 
  4. UC 327: "Multimedia Learning Principles in Practice" ~ Janet Sedgley, UM Missoula
  5. Todd 210: "The Living Laboratory: Real-Time Professional Development for Teachers Through Online Learning" %7e Jennifer Luebeck, MSU Bozeman

5:00-7:00pm %7e Networking Evening, Downtown Missoula

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