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Extended Learning Institute

Montana University System

Win an iPad with the

XLi 2012 Facebook Photo Challenge!

What does a networked world look like without wires? Technology in the 21st century travels with us – we’re connected on airplanes, in libraries, on buses, and even while riding our bikes (though we wouldn’t recommend it)!  So, what we want to know is:

Photo Collage and Text:

Send us a picture at of you staying wired via your mobile device (i.e. – a Kindle, a Smartphone, etc.), and we’ll post it on our Facebook page ( The only requirement? Be creative with your photo and your caption! Show us how you "plug in" to the world in ways unfathomable 5, 10, 15 years ago! Check out our sample photographs on the XLi Facebook page for some ideas to get you started!

The person whose picture receives the most “likes” will win an iPad at the 

XLi 2012 conference!

(Must be present to win – please read the Official Rules for more information.)

For more information, email: