Products & Workshops

  1. Palm, E., S. Fluker, H. Nesbitt, A. L. Jacob, and M. Hebblewhite. 2020. The long road to protecting critical habitat for species at risk: the case of southern mountain woodland caribou. Conservation Science and Practice e219:1-13. See here for an interactive Critical Habitat loss map from this paper
  2. Eacker, D.R., Hebblewhite, M., Steenweg, R., Russell, M., Flasko, A. & Hervieux, D. (2018) Web-based application for estimating threatened woodland caribou population trends. Wildlife Society Bulletin, EarlyView Online.
  3. Lukacs, P., Nowak, J., Hebblewhite, M., Martin, H. 2018. Integrated population modeling for wildlife management: applications to caribou and elk. Webinar presented to 43 Alberta Environment Fish and Wildlife Division Biologists and Management Personnel, Alberta Environment and Parks. March 23, 2018. 2.5 hours.
  4. Gurarie, E., Palm, E.., Hebblewhite, M. 2018. “Modern tools for spatial modeling and animal movement analysis” workshop presented to the Alaska chapter of the Wildlife Society Meeting in Anchorage, AK, on March 30, 2018 to 50 regional research biologists.  
  5. Gurarie, E. 2018. Animal movement and spatial modeling in R. Workshop presented to the Government of Northwest Territories, Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, Yellowknife, Canada. March 2018.  
  6. Arctic-boreal vulnerability experiment movement analysis (Github)
    A collection of “in-house” functions for the large-scale loading, processing and visualizing of Movebank data for the ABoVE: Animals on the Move project.