Megan Stark- Mansfield Library

Megan StarkI became a librarian because I believe very strongly that reading, and access to information, is a fundamental human right. Working as a librarian is an amazing experience because I am able, every single day, to support the individual pursuit of knowledge. It’s a tremendous honor and I love the privilege of accompanying patrons—students, faculty, staff and many others—on their path for information. My work as a librarian provides me the opportunity to constantly examine issues of access, resource purchasing and allocations, collection development, information literacy, intellectual freedom—the list is long and full of fascinating complexities. 

I am deeply satisfied by the experience of working with students as they endeavor into the research process. I love how diverse, smart and funny UM students are and I am always so impressed by their creativity, diligence and persistence in answering complex research questions. When I am working with a student it's wonderful to encourage them to get excited about finding a great source; and such a rewarding experience to then, together, figure out what the source means and how to use it—that is what makes my job as a faculty member particularly wonderful.

About Megan Stark

Megan Stark is an associate professor in the Mansfield Library. As the Undergraduate Services and Outreach Librarian she coordinates the library’s undergraduate information literacy curriculum as well as designs the library’s services, programs and outreach for students. She teaches library research, often integrated into targeted first-year courses, and serves as the liaison for many campus units and departments. Her research focuses on the interplay between sustainability, community information and information literacy within academic libraries.