A Head for Numbers

As the science and art of seeking and explaining patterns, mathematics permeates our world. Build your quantitative portfolio here; as a supplement to your other studies, or as a major pursuit. Either way, an understanding of math will enhance your future opportunities and your contributions to the world. Join us and study math in its many forms: from the pure and applied to statistics and data science. 


of the Top 10 jobs of 2019 are in math


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  • Roscoe

    Increasing Understanding

    Matt Roscoe won a prestigious $15,000 prize from the Museum of Mathematics in New York City, with a lesson that helps middle school students understand prime factorization by building the “City of Numbers.”

  • Graham

    Numbers Crunch

    Statistics Professor Jon Graham is director of the Data and Modeling Core that supports UM’s Center for Population Health Research and provides opportunities for students interested in applied mathematics, data science and statistics. Researchers are currently investigating the effects of PM2.5 from wildfires on birth outcomes and children’s respiratory health, factors that lead to low vaccination rates, and models for the COVID-19 pandemic in rural Montana.

  • Wu

    Math all Over

    Professor Ke Wu works closely with faculty from tribal colleges on NSF-funded research, including a $3 million grant in alliance with Salish Kootenai College and Sitting Bull College. She regularly visits Montana’s tribal nations and facilitates camps and other activities for American Indian youth.