UM gives you the freedom to shape a unique degree around your interests. Call it multidisciplinary studies, interdisciplinary studies or general studies — in every case, it makes for a degree program that’s flexible and allows you to build a degree plan choosing courses from multiple academic disciplines.

It’s UM’s breadth of disciplines and programs that makes it possible for us to offer this type of flexible curriculum. Of course, as with all UM programs, you’ll participate in hands-on learning throughout your four years with us to ensure a practical education that can immediately be applied in the field.

Is a multidisciplinary studies degree right for you? Many students drawn to this option have a specific career goal and wish to personally shape their degree in preparation for that career. Others enjoy the opportunity to study in a variety of disciplines. If you’re not sure about your career path, a multidisciplinary studies degree lets you work toward your degree while you decide on a career.


most popular major nationwide is multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary studies.


UM students have been named Rhodes Scholars.

What can you do with a degree in multidisciplinary studies?

The interdisciplinary nature of the multidisciplinary studies program develops your ability to combine different fields into a structured format. It also encourages and supports creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and integrative and experiential learning. With this extensive education under your belt, combined with the analytical and creative skills you take away, you are well positioned to enter many fields.

One student, who’s pursuing a career path of a documentary photographer, is studying World Languages and Cultures, Journalism and Geography. Another, who works for a startup company creating videos for marketing, is studying Business Basics, Media Arts and Communication Studies. 

Multidisciplinary studies jobs

Graduates with a degree in multidisciplinary studies have core competencies to pursue such job opportunities as:

  • Registered nurse
  • Physician
  • Dietician and nutritionist
  • Human resource specialist
  • Environmental specialist
  • Personal service manager
  • Teacher
  • Lawyer
  • Office and administrative support
  • Business and financial operations
  • Software developer

Multidisciplinary studies salaries

The median annual wage for graduates of multidisciplinary studies/interdisciplinary studies is $50,000. However, depending upon the field you choose to pursue, there’s no telling how much you can earn with this type of degree.

Other degree options for multidisciplinary studies at UM

Experiential learning in the multidisciplinary studies degree program

Hands-on learning is so vital to a multidisciplinary studies degree, it’s a requirement at UM. A capstone project may be an internship, a study abroad or a service-learning experience for credit toward your degree.

Interdisciplinary Studies majors are also encouraged to consider stackable credentials, such as certificates as components built into the degree plan. The Department of Labor encourages them as well, as they can move students “along a career pathway or up a career ladder to potentially different and higher-paying jobs.” 

Internships and service learning for multidisciplinary studies majors

Learning through experience — in a local organization, out in the field or the community, outside the four walls of the university — is an essential part of the multidisciplinary studies degree. Students are encouraged and assisted in performing internships as part of their capstone project.

Study abroad opportunities for multidisciplinary studies majors

UM understands the value of broadening your horizons on faraway shores. Our study abroad program was designed to help students grow and experience other lands and cultures as they pursue their multidisciplinary studies degree.  Learn more about study abroad opportunities at UM.

Career development in the bachelor’s in multidisciplinary studies

The multidisciplinary studies degree program is uniquely designed to prepare you for life after college — with internships, industry credentials and volunteer experiences, and an exceptional faculty serving as mentors throughout your four years and beyond. 

Scholarships for multidisciplinary studies majors

We believe that education should be available to everyone — so we make a number of scholarships available to help students. Learn more about scholarship opportunities for general studies majors.

Multidisciplinary studies degree requirements

Students can choose from a pre-approved track with all upper-division courses identified, such as Arts Administration or Pre-modern Studies, or craft a degree program from scratch. An academic advisor from the College of Humanities & Sciences Advising Center will assist you in developing a proposed degree plan curriculum.

View all classes for the bachelor’s degree in multidisciplinary studies.